Must-have for next season, the pieces made ​​of leather are a clear fashion trend for winter 2012. Actually they already have been used since the summer.

When I thought about doing a post about leather I realized I had a lot to say. So I decided to do a whole week dedicated to leather.

And the first piece I chose is the leather skirt.

With several models, the choice of which one to use will depend on the personal taste of each one and of course the also on the physical shape, also taking into account common sense.

saia de couro 1 LEATHER WEEK: SKIRTS

saia de couro 2 LEATHER WEEK: SKIRTS

saia de couro 3 LEATHER WEEK: SKIRTS

saia de couro 4 LEATHER WEEK: SKIRTS

saia de couro 5 LEATHER WEEK: SKIRTS

saia de couro 6 LEATHER WEEK: SKIRTS

The leather skirt is a great choice for those who live in cities where even in winter the heat predominates.

TIP: The leather skirt is very sexy, many will want to use it, but WARNING – if you are with a few extra pounds, you must know that leather skirts highlight even more your belly, beware!

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