Look of the day – Airport

Hello everybody, this look is actually from last week when I went to Bahia. I spent there a few days in Arraial d’Ajuda and Trancoso, beautiful places, I would definitely recommend.

I went with hubby in order to rest, after all it is quiet place, full of wonderful beaches, but for our surprise we found out that there was a huge college event, the city was crowded, party everywhere, the solution was enjoy the event as well. Why would we rest? When I die I will do it a lot! Just joking!

A caminho de arraial 1 Look of the day – Airport

I love traveling, but wait in an airport is totally boring, therefore is essential always have on hand a magazine or a good book.

A caminho de arraial 2 Look of the day – Airport

My choice this time was the ELLE magazine, I am crazy about this magazine!

A caminho de arraial 2b Look of the day – Airport

But changing the subject, let’s look at my accessories?

Girls, I’m in love with skulls! You have already realized it, didn’t you? I got so freaked out when I saw this belt, it was love at first sight, it is stylish, isn’t it girls?

A caminho de arraial 3 Look of the day – Airport

Mix of bracelets for my travel.

A caminho de arraial 4 Look of the day – Airport

Comfort is necessary and in my case style too, then join both is perfect!

The loafers promote this union between comfort and style! I love them!

A caminho de arraial 5 Look of the day – Airport

This is a necklace with the name of my husband, and he wears one with my name too! That is cute, right girls?!

A caminho de arraial 6 Look of the day – Airport

And finally, the inseparable companion of women: the handbag! This is one great, because it is quite spacious, it is enough to carry all I need.

A caminho de arraial 7 Look of the day – Airport

The trip was wonderful, now I’m looking forward to my pre-vacation in Rio, I grab every possibilities to visit this city! I deeply love that place, but that’s a topic for another post, right girls? Kisses!

2 projeto basico curtur pagina ingles Look of the day – Airport

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  1. i just adore your stack of bracelets! oh where, oh where did you purchase your jewel treasures?

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