Phalanx Rings – Trend

aneis de falange 1 Phalanx Rings   Trend

Must have among the fashionists, the phalanx rings are super stylish, and if you think that only one is enough you are wrong: in this case many  rings will be better.

aneis de falange 2 Phalanx Rings   Trend

aneis de falange 3 Phalanx Rings   Trend

aneis de falange 4 Phalanx Rings   Trend

aneis de falange 5 Phalanx Rings   Trend

aneis de falange 6 Phalanx Rings   Trend

They are found in the most modern jewelry stores, but if you do not want to spend money you also have a choice: I am sure that you have a ring from your childhood, but you probably do not wear it because it does not fit anymore, right? So enjoy it! Give a new life to your ring wearing it as a phalanx ring!

Look at this skull ring, it has my style!

aneis de falange 7 Phalanx Rings   Trend

The phalanx rings are already being seen in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but surely this trend will be seen throughout Brazil, since it is a strong trend in Europe.

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