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The hair buns are present in the summer and in the winter too.

OK, in winter most women like to let the hair down and to leave the neck warm, but we must also take into consideration that the cold weather dries (and a lot!) our hair.

Os coques e a moda 1 Hair Bun

Os coques e a moda 2 Hair Bun

I am suspicious because I’m a huge fan of hair buns in any season, and, moreover, I dance ballet, so for me the hair buns are a necessity.

Have a look at my hair bun:

Os coques e a moda 3 Hair Bun

In the winter I usually spend a lot of argan oil (Moroccanoil or Kérastase) and abuse of hair buns. Besides the style, I protect my hair from dryness.

Here are some hair buns to inspire you ok! I hope you like:

Os coques e a moda 4 Hair Bun

Os coques e a moda 5 Hair Bun

Os coques e a moda 6 Hair Bun

Os coques e a moda 7 Hair Bun

Os coques e a moda 8 Hair Bun

TIP: Hair buns go well on any occasion,  by day or by night, on the beach, at work, weddings, and even to the bride.

Look at this hair bun from Paris Hilton, a bow, is so cute!

Os coques e a moda 9 Hair Bun

The most classic of all hair buns with certainty was immortalized by Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

Os coques e a moda 10 Hair Bun

So that is it! Bet on hair buns!

2 projeto basico curtur pagina ingles Hair Bun

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Continuing with my tips on hair care, I will present some products that complement the selection I presented a few days ago!


cuidando do cabelo 3 by blog da ines junqueira HAIR CARE   PART II

1 – MOROCCANOIL HYDRATING STYLING CREAM- LEAVE-IN: Provides firmness and lightness to the hair, eliminates frizz, moisturizes and adds shine.

2 – NATURA (Brazilian Brand) PLANT STYLING HAIR FOR SUMMER: Prepares the hair for the sun. It deeply restores damaged hair, leaving them with a healthy looking. This is another product that when I’m at the beach I can not forget.


cuidando do cabelo 4 by blog da ines junqueira HAIR CARE   PART II

1 – ULTIMATE ELIXIR KÉRASTASE: This fluid is ideal to thick, very dry and extremely rebellious  hair. It disciplines the hair without rinse.

2 – KÉRASTASE ULTIMATE ELIXIR – OIL COMPLEXE: An extraordinary combination of four precious oils: camellia oil, argan oil, pracaxi oil and maize oil. Provides strength, endurance, intense shine, protection and nourishment to the hair.

3 – MOROCCANOIL – PURE ARGAN OIL: Gives back the elasticity, shine and softness to any type of hair. Chemically treated hair gets an impressive result. I do not live without it, so I always carry in my bag this smaller bottle to I use whenever necessary.

cuidando do cabelo 5 by blog da ines junqueira HAIR CARE   PART II

RESTORATIVE TECHINIQUES LOTION ADVANCE – AVON: I bought this only because it was an indication of Marco Antonio de Biaggi, he ensured that it worked, and that was true! It provides an intense restoration: with regular use, it repairs 95% of the hair damage, giving shine to the lifeless hair. And the best thing about this product is the affordable price (it’s really cheap!).

TIP: It’s always good to vary the hair care products we use, otherwise the hair will “get used” to the active ingredients of the products and you will not get the desired result (super tip!)

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Taking care of the body and skin is essential, but hair care is vital, after all they are the frame of our face.

What about a well dressed woman, with beautiful body and skin, but with the hair looking like a bundle of straw? It does not fit at all!

So I decided to give some tips on great products for the hair. I use all of them and I can really recommend!


cuidando do cabelo 1 by blog da ines junqueira HAIR CARE   PART I

1 – INTENSE REPAIR – L’ORÉAL: (Because I’m worth it! I could not miss the joke … sory… lol): Nutrition and softness to dry hair. The hair receives deep nourishment where it most needs.

2 – NATURA PLANT (Brazilian Brand): Its formula is enriched with lipids of coconut and UV filter, moisturizes and restores damaged hair, preparing them for exposure to the sun. It forms a protective layer that progressively protects the hair during all summer. When I go to the beach I use only it!

3 – NATURA PLANT SHAMPOO DEEP CLEANING (Brazilian Brand): I use once a week and think it’s great because it has an anti-residue action, wash deeply and leaves a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

4 – MOROCCANOIL MOISTURE REAPAIR SHAMPOO: this shampoo is divine, it repairs and nourishes the hair leaving it with an AMAZING shine!

5 – KÉRASTASE BAIN FORCE: It is a restoring shampoo for weakened hair. It repairs the outer wall of the capillary fiber, protecting it. It leaves hair visibly stronger and resistant to breakage.

6 – KÉRASTASE BAIN OIL RELAX: It nourishes and disciplines the hair, leaving it perfect.


cuidando do cabelo 2 by blog da ines junqueira HAIR CARE   PART I

1 – OIL-RELAX KÉRASTASE HAIR MASK: It gives even more nutrition and discipline to the hair. Provides lightness, softness and a beautiful shine. It has also an anti-frizz effect.

2 – MOROCCANOIL RESTORATIVE HAIR MASK: Very dense, a small portion has an enormous restoration power, leaving your hair frizz-free, super hydrated, silky and the effect lasts for several washings. I love this one!

Stay alert to the next posts, because I will continue my list of recommendations! Kisses!

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