The Parkas

parkas e moda 1 The Parkas

The parka is originally military and is another piece of male clothing that goes straight into women’s closet this winter.

parkas e moda 2 The Parkas

This olive parka is a spectacular piece and will be the must have of the coldest season of the year here in Brazil.

parkas e moda 4 The Parkas

I borrowed one from my husband, but he STILL did not realize it … lol!

The cool thing about the parkas is that despite its heavy visual, you can build a lot of charming  looks with them.

The parkas can be used with pants, shorts, skirts, dresses and so on, there are no limits, just be creative.

parkas e moda 3 The Parkas

parkas e moda 5 The Parkas

During the winter In Europe and USA it was possible to observe a lot of women wearing parkas! Do you think that this trend will be a highlight here in Brazil as well?

Let’s See!

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