Transparent Sandals

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Hi girls, everything okay with you?

Yay! Another post about what you love most in the fashion world: the shoes! Am I right?

I have to agree that these transparent sandals are pretty, but could they also be a fashion nightmare?

I’ll explain why: they are trend for the summer, the hottest season of the year when we sweat more, right? Being plastic, they will leave our  feet sweaty, isn’t it? #Yuck

Well, but everyone has the right to have their own opinion. Beautiful they are, but I do not know whether they are appropriate for summer.

A brand that realized this fact is Chanel, which used another transparent material instead of plastic. This different material does not leave our feet sweaty. #Yippee

1 sandalias trasparentes tendencia verao Transparent Sandals

I will leave a selection of some photos with the sandals I most liked featuring this style plastic / transparent, ok.

2 sandalias trasparentes tendencia verao Transparent Sandals

And then, did you like it? Are you going to join this trend?


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