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Hello everybody! Today I have a few precious travel tips for  you.

Estonia is a beautiful country with a very receptive and educated people, and with an indecipherable language (Estonian), but this is not a problem because almost everyone speaks a surprisingly good English.

The Euro has arrived here too, but for now the prices are very reasonable, below the European average.

Tallinn, Estonia’s Capital, is a medieval city, I especially LOVE to know medieval cities, I think they are lovely and very romantic.

1 Dicas de Viagem Tallinn portoes de Viru entrada do centro historico Travel Tips   Tallinn

That’s me at the “Viru Gates”, the famous entrance gates of the old town.

2 Dicas de Viagem Tallinn vista do alto Travel Tips   Tallinn

The city view from the top is impressive for its architecture and beauty.

The ideal place to have a beautiful view is from the  Belvedere “Kohtu Platform”, it is next to the House of Government, very easy to find because the historic center is quite compact.

3 Dicas de Viagem Tallinn vista do alto Travel Tips   Tallinn

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is an Estonian Orthodox temple declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1997, definitely worth a visit.

Who is used to traveling knows that one of the best and most precious tips are the tips on good places to eat, after all nobody wants to eat bad food, get sick and miss some days of the trip, right?

I’ll give tips on two restaurants, or better, a restaurant and a tavern, both fantastic! #Hottips

Restaurant Aed

In Estonian it means “The Garden”. It is a restaurant with a rustic look, but the food is delicious and sophisticated. The menu varies with the seasons.

I love to try new flavors, and in my travels this is one of the things that I do the most. Sometimes I make bad choices, however, I always have the chance to discover something amazing.

In this restaurant, for example, I tasted eel and loved it.

And to finish the lunch on a high note, I ordered one of my favorite desserts: cream burlee (with strawberries), how I love this French delight. # Loveit

4 Dicas de Viagem Tallinn restaurante Aed Travel Tips   Tallinn

III Draakon Tavern

I loved knowing this place: it is a typical medieval tavern, the environment reminds us of the days of the knights.

No cutlery, no cups or dishes made of glass – the food and drinks are served in clay bowls and cups.

The Wine is taken from a huge wooden barrel, and, by the way, is delicious!

Here also I tried a new and delicious taste: elk soup and elk pie. The meat of the elk is very exotic and very tasty.

5 Dicas de Viagem Tallinn taverna III Draakon Travel Tips   Tallinn

I loved have visited Tallinn, the city is lively and fun, oh I almost forget: walking on the streets you can find several of these rag dolls, they give a colorful and a special charm to the city. #cute

6 Dicas de Viagem Tallinn bonecas de pano Travel Tips   Tallinn

Well, I’ll stop here and spend some time with my new friends! Bye, until the next stop …

7 Dicas de Viagem Tallinn shrek Travel Tips   Tallinn

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  1. Nice clicks Ines. Looking great in Pics. Thanks for sharing these useful tips. I am visiting Tallinn next week o a trip. It’s a wonderful city really.

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